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Second Edition out now!

It’s been six electric years since the Sustainable Fashion and Textiles: Design Journeys was first published and to mark this anniversary Earthscan from Routledge has released a fully updated Second Edition with new content. I continue to be humbled and grateful that the book has found such resonance with so many of you working and thinking and transforming sustainability ideas in the context of fashion and textiles and by the knowledge that the book is in use in commercial design studios and the key text in seminar rooms around the world. [Read More]

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Seminar: Helsinki, Finland 2 & 3 October

In early October I will take part in a two day seminar on fashion and sustainability organised by Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in Helsinki, Finland. More information is available here. If you are in the region why not join me and a diverse group of international speakers to explore some of the interconnected issues around fashion, natural integrity and social relationships?

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The fetishization of transparency

Making the production chain transparent has become a big deal in sustainability circles. Over little more than five years, the pursuit of a knowable, traceable garment supply chain has gone from being a bit of a kooky and idealistic venture to now an almost fetishized pre-requisite of being in business. The logic behind the pursuit of transparency is undeniable: how can you possibly hope to improve the efficiency of your operations, know that your supplier factories have safe building structures, guarantee that workers are fairly paid, etc., if you don’t know who is doing what, where, when and how? New web-based interfaces, track and trace technologies and databases are powering the collation and management of this information. They act as a feedback loop, channelling information as a potential lever of change. Depending on which brand is gathering the data, some are sharing it publicly and in great detail, like Bruno Peters’ Honest By. It seems like we are becoming more informed and maybe even a little more imaginatively connected with the manufacture and distribution of our clothes.  [Read More]

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Announcing the online home of the Craft of Use!

The knowledge, skills and ideas of the Craft of Use have a new platform on the web!

The Craft of Use explores resourceful garment use practices as one way to challenge the dependency of the fashion industry on increasing material throughput. Its proposition is that sustained attention to tending and using garments, we can create an alternative set of experiences of fashion provision and consumption.

They are the spiritual and intellectual home – the ‘mothership’ – of some of my other work in design for sustainability, most notably the Local Wisdom project.

Let us know what you think…

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The Dear Fashion Journal… Alternative Perspectives on Style

I recently received a copy of Dear Fashion through the post… a gorgeous little publication put together in The Netherlands which charts the adventures of some of the folk involved in  a year of living without buying fashion, the Free Fashion Challenge. What follows below is my contribution to the journal – a prologue – a stage-setter for what is playfully shoehorned into the pages that follow. Dear Fashion is in essence a love letter to fashion, but one penned from different starting points and experiences. Read on…  [Read More]

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A big thank you to Vancouver & NYC

Over the last couple of weeks the Local Wisdom project team has been travelling to Vancouver and NYC to gather more stories of the doings and saying associated with garment use.

We wanted to extend a huge THANK YOU to all of you who participated in the project and our fabulous teams in both of these great cities for their work on the ground, on the day and in the lead up.

The images and stories will be online in the next few weeks :)

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Local Wisdom returns to London

The Local Wisdom project returns to London on 5th December 2012 to take photographs and gather more stories of the ‘craft of use’ of the general public. We’ll be at the Carnaby Book Exchange in Kingly Court (between Regent Street and Carnaby Street) between midday and 7pm. Please come along and share with us how you use clothes and get your portait taken in your piece! More on the London photoshoot including exact location and categories listing the sort of things we are looking for can be found here.

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New Sustainable Design Film Release: ’50 Ways of Working Sustainably’

In sustainability there is no such thing as a mass answer, but instead a mass of appropriately scaled, creative, dynamic, emerging and engaging answers. A new video from the Puma Sustainable Design Collective held earlier this year collates a series of evening talks (including one by me!) which shows this diversity. Called ’50 Ways of Working Sustainably’ the video aims to generate a deeper understanding of the relationships between the products and systems we design – their social, ecological and economic impacts. Hosted by Dr Jonathan Chapman (Reader in Sustainable Design at the University of Brighton), with key speakers including Dr Kate Fletcher (Reader in Sustainable Fashion, London College of Fashion), Fiona Bennie (Dragon Rouge) and Nick Gant (University of Brighton).  [Read More]

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