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Craft of Use Event… easing in

We are  almost set and already raring to go for the Local Wisdom project’s ‘Craft of Use‘ Event at London College of Fashion on 26th March.

Stellar line-up of speakers and performers including Jonathan Porritt, Avner Offer, Zakee ShariffSabrina Mahfouz and Dilys Williams. Also featuring sound installation, performance art and a wealth interactive workshops all designed to explore use of fashion rather than its ownership. Or to put it another way, to celebrate fashion as a process and not just a product. Follow our progress on facebook, twitter and of course on the Local Wisdom website.

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Fashion and Sustainability at Women of the World Festival

London’s wonderful Women of the World Festival is putting on a fashion a sustainability panel on Sunday 9th March at 1pm. Come and take part in the ‘Louboutins and Landfill: How to be a Sustainable Fashionista‘ discussion chaired by Melanie Rickey, one of the founding editors of Grazia magazine and featuring Jacqueline Shaw, Abigail Chisman, Carry Somers and myself. WOW runs from 5-9 March at the South Bank Centre.

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Second Edition out now!

It’s been six electric years since the Sustainable Fashion and Textiles: Design Journeys was first published and to mark this anniversary Earthscan from Routledge has released a fully updated Second Edition with new content. I continue to be humbled and grateful that the book has found such resonance with so many of you working and thinking and transforming sustainability ideas in the context of fashion and textiles and by the knowledge that the book is in use in commercial design studios and the key text in seminar rooms around the world. [Read More]

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What I’m working on at the moment…

The next few months look set to be varied and dynamic… I’m currently working on an edited book for the prestigious Routledge Handbook Series (thank you to all the fabulous contributors)the Local Wisdom project exploring the ‘Craft of Use‘ is deep in its synthesis phase; I’m figuring out a whole new direction to my work that has evolved after the sailing trip to the Western Isles, thinking about the natural history of garments; and I’ve been reading really eclectically… currently “Arctic Dreams” by Barry Lopez…

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What Has To Be Done? Longsightedness and other stories from an expedition to the Scottish Western Isles

Earlier this summer I had the honour and delight to be part of a group of designers, artists, scientists and journalists on an expedition entitled What Has To Be Done? to the Scottish Western Isles on a wonderful tall ship The Lady of Avenel. The trip was inspired by a journey made by Joseph Beuys three decades before to the same islands – and like Beuys our intention was to both encounter and evolve a response to the epic story of our times: the interdependencies of sustainability. [Read More]

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Seminar: Helsinki, Finland 2 & 3 October

In early October I will take part in a two day seminar on fashion and sustainability organised by Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in Helsinki, Finland. More information is available here. If you are in the region why not join me and a diverse group of international speakers to explore some of the interconnected issues around fashion, natural integrity and social relationships?

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The fetishization of transparency

Making the production chain transparent has become a big deal in sustainability circles. Over little more than five years, the pursuit of a knowable, traceable garment supply chain has gone from being a bit of a kooky and idealistic venture to now an almost fetishized pre-requisite of being in business. The logic behind the pursuit of transparency is undeniable: how can you possibly hope to improve the efficiency of your operations, know that your supplier factories have safe building structures, guarantee that workers are fairly paid, etc., if you don’t know who is doing what, where, when and how? New web-based interfaces, track and trace technologies and databases are powering the collation and management of this information. They act as a feedback loop, channelling information as a potential lever of change. Depending on which brand is gathering the data, some are sharing it publicly and in great detail, like Bruno Peters’ Honest By. It seems like we are becoming more informed and maybe even a little more imaginatively connected with the manufacture and distribution of our clothes.  [Read More]

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Thank you Wellington & Melbourne!










A massive thank you to all those who shared stories of how they use their garments in Wellington and Melbourne over the last few weeks as part of the Local Wisdom project. And of course huge appreciation to the teams working at Massey in New Zealand led by Holly McQuillan and Jen Whitty and at RMIT in Australia co-ordinated by Jo Cramer. Photos and stories from both places available on the Local Wisdom website within the month… here’s a taster of some of the Wellington images, photography by Aliscia Young.

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