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Just out… Fashion & Sustainability: Design for Change

Hot of the press and available in English, Spanish and Portuguese Fashion and Sustainability: Design for Change.

By Kate Fletcher and Lynda Grose. Published March 2012 by Laurence King (London).

Sustainability is arguably the defining theme of the twenty-first century and the issues it presents to the fashion industry are broad ranging, including labour abuses, toxic chemicals use and conspicuous consumption. This book examines how sustainability has the potential to transform both the fashion system and the innovators who work within it.  [Read More]

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Fashion and Sustainability FAQs

Fashion and sustainability raises so many questions… here are a few of my responses to them, gathered over the last year covering everything from slow fashion to mainstream business, materials to education.

Q: What is your definition of fashion sustainability?
KF: Fashion that fosters ecological integrity and social quality through products, practices of use and relationships.
KF: A more authentic, flexible and interconnected view of fashion, people and the world.
KF: fashion that helps us engage, connect and better understand ourselves, each other and our world.
KF: Fashion that engages with a process of flourishing of human and non-human species.

Q: It is said that a main factor that prevents successful communication of sustainability is the unclear definition, do you agree?
KF: I don’t really agree. A single definition is unlikely to be meaningful to everyone. I think what we need is multiple narratives that convey the complex and unbounded nature of sustainability in a host of different ways.  [Read More]

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Local Wisdom Dublin

Join us in Dublin, Ireland on Saturday 28th April for the next community photoshoots run as part of the Local Wisdom project. Come along to 6 Castle Market Street, Dublin 2 between 10am and 5pm and share stories of how you use your garments and have your portrait wearing them taken as part of an ongoing fashion research project from London College of Fashion.

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