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Dhaka Rana Plaza: Our Collective Responsbility

After weeks of feeling personally devastated about the factory collapse of the Dhaka Rana Plaza in Bangladesh; of witnessing the pain of the lives, families and communities lost and shattered (the death toll now exceeds 1100 and is still climbing); of feeling a deep sense of shame that I am part of an industry that seems to design for inhuman working conditions through economic priorities that chase low cost garments above all else; and of feeling building anger that the fashion retail sector has failed to take responsibility for its own role in this; it seems now that we are on the cusp of change. As an industry, our collective disgrace is that this has taken so long to come and so many people have died. And that the normal conversations and taken-for-granted beliefs that guide everyday business decisions in the fashion sector are so skewed, so hopelessly warped and broken, that this situation happened at all.  [Read More]

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