Kate Fletcher

Fashion and sustainability pioneer, design activist, writer, nature enthusiast, research professor.

Featured work:

Just out… Earth Logic Gardening: A practical guide to Ecological, Social, Cultural & Economic Change

What would change look like if steeped in healthy relationships instead of economic growth? Perhaps a bit like gardening…

In our new book Mathilda Tham and I apply the insights from a broken fashion and offers a hands-on plan for making change happen viable for fashion as well as media, food, transport, housing and personal transformation.

Earth Logic Gardening is free to download from the Earth Logic website.

Outfitting by Kate Fletcher & Helen Mort

A collection of lyric essays about fashion and nature by myself and the award winning writer Helen Mort. The book is organised as a call and response, I connect clothing and the body with nature in my pieces, and Helen responds, linking the world back to the body.

Looking to understand fashion and sustainability more?

Explore the list of FAQs, questions that have been posed to me over the years, and my answers to them!

Consumerist fashion

A blog post exploring why change is often so difficult: ‘the language and expression of the consumer society in fashion is so overriding that we hardly notice it’…