Researcher, Author, Consultant and Design Activist

Kate Fletcher’s work is both rooted in nature’s principles and engaged with the cultural and creative forces of fashion and design. Over the last two decades, her original thinking and progressive outlook has infused the field of fashion, textiles and sustainability with design thinking, and come to define it. Kate’s pioneering work in the field, which ranges from developing ‘slow fashion’ ideas and practice to directional sustainability projects, including Fashion Ecologies and Local Wisdom have engaged thousands of people worldwide with the fashion localism, the ‘craft of use’ and ‘post-growth’ fashion. She is founder of the design for sustainability consultancy Slow Fashion where she works with companies, educational establishments and non-governmental organizations to foster change towards sustainability. She is also recognized as an inspirational speaker.

Kate has over 70 scholarly and popular publications in the field and is the most cited scholar in the field. She is author of eight books including Sustainable Fashion and Textiles: Design Journeys (2008), with a fully revised Second Edition with new content released in 2014. Readers call it “inspiring,” “the foundation for a radical new perspective” and “a bible” and it is in active use in commercial design studios and is the principal text in academic seminar rooms around the world. She is co-editor of one of the prestige Routledge International Handbook series on Sustainability and Fashion (2015) and of Opening Up the Wardrobe: A Methods Book (2017), co-author of Fashion and Sustainability: Design for Change (2012), author of the Craft of Use: Post-Growth Fashion (2016), exploring fashion opportunities beyond consumerism. In 2018 a collection of Kate’s work was curated and translated into Italian: Moda, Design e Sostenibilità. More latterly, Kate has published autobiographical writings on clothing and nature in the book Wild Dress (2019) and is co-editor of Design and Nature: A Partnership (2019). Her work is available in seven languages.

Kate is Research Professor of Sustainability, Design, Fashion at the Centre for Sustainable Fashion, University of the Arts London where she explores change through many different projects. She sits of a range of committees and acts as an advisor including to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Ethics and Sustainability in Fashion at the House of Lords. She is also a co-founder of the Union of Concerned Researchers in Fashion which formed in 2018.