Earth Logic Gardening

Kate Fletcher and Mathilda Tham, 2023. In English.

What would change look like if steeped in healthy relationships instead of economic growth? Perhaps a bit like gardening… Earth Logic Gardening: A practical guide to growing ecological, social, cultural and economic change

As climate change, biodiversity loss and social segregation accelerate despite decades of action, it is now clear that urgent change will not be achieved with the same thinking and models that created the problems. 

Already in the 1950s, Albert Einstein famously cautioned that problems can’t be solved with the same kind of thinking that created them. And in so doing he challenged us to shift the conversation from a focus on what we are doing, to how we are doing it. 

In Earth Logic Gardening the authors make this vital leap, by offering a hands-on guide that is nested in the values and the world that we want to see, rather than those we need to leave behind. Earth Logic Gardening takes insights from a broken fashion system, and offers a hands-on plan viable for fashion as well as media, food, transport, housing and personal transformation.

Taking the cue from gardening – which literally everyone can do – whether from a windowsill, a plot behind a house, or as guerrilla gardening – Earth Logic Gardening offers a game-changing plan for claiming sustainability work from experts and consultants to something everyone can do from everywhere – in the personal and professional life. 

Earth Logic Gardening is a practical guide to seeding, growing, harvesting (and more) the work of change in ways that leave old priorities and frameworks behind. Drawing upon the metaphor and practice of gardening, Earth Logic Gardening is a guide to how to root work in local communities, recognise the many other beings that live and collaborate alongside us, pay attention to how we work. The book shares nine accessible principles for making change happen from Paying Attention to the Soil to Sorting Out the Tool Shed to Fallowing, with real life examples.

In 1984, the celebrated poet and black lesbian feminist Audre Lorde said, ‘The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house. They may allow us to temporarily beat him at his own game, but they will never enable us to bring about genuine change’. In Earth Logic Gardening we propose new tools and practices for genuine, long-lasting change in fashion, food, transportation and more. 

Free to download from the Earth Logic website.

12 full page original illustrations by artist Karishma Chugani Nankani.