Multi-Centred Worlds

Kate Fletcher, 2023. In English.

Multi-Centred Worlds asks how we humans can shift our relationship with Earth to make ourselves smaller and less central. The pamphlet’s starting point is simple: we can start doing this by not making everything all about us. 

Writing as tree, sheep, stone, nettle and bird, common materials used in design: timber, wool, stone, plant fibre and feathers, carry forward their gifts and surround us with intelligences other than our own. Granted, such writings are but a small step towards a life-centred worldview for design. Yet to work in this way, leading with sensory experience, is to feel these intelligences alive and close.

Download this pamphlet below.

Design by Simone Aslak. Multi-Centred Worlds was produced as of a Guest Professorship in the Planet Lab at Design School Kolding, Denmark, 2023.