Press/Media biography

Kate Fletcher is a researcher, writer and design activist, whose work over the past 25 years has shaped the field of fashion and sustainability.

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Selected media

13 November, BBC Radio 4, Today Programme, Clothes, textiles and consumption impacts.
4 November 2021, BBC Radio Kent, Sustainable Fashion.
3 November 2021, BBC Radio 4, Today Programme, Durable clothes and carbon impacts.
18 October 2021, BBC World Service, Sustainability ideas and the challenges of compostable clothes
7 July 2021, BBC Radio 4, PM Programme, Environmental impact of clothing rentals
13 January 2021, BBC Radio 4, World at One, Synthetic microplastic pollution from textiles.

2 April 2020. NZZ, Austria, Slow fashion documentary (in German).

Print and online media
2 March 2022, Grist, The great conundrum of the sustainability influencer: Can we escape the growth model that’s built into the influencer economy and fashion itself?
19 February 2022, The Guardian, Ideas to Change the World: Margaret Atwood talks to seven visionaries fighting for a brighter future.
27 January 2022, Vogue Business, Degrowth: the future that fashion has been looking for?
10 January 2022, The Guardian, How to wash your clothes less
10 January 2022, FORWARD magazine, The Green Edition, The Future of Sustainable Fashion, pp9-14.
25 September 2021, BBC Online, Sustainable Fashion: From Red Carpet to Our Wardrobes?
29 April 2021, Denier, A conversation with Kate Fletcher.
16 April 2020, WWD Japan, Post Covid-19 (in Japanese).
6 April 2020, GQ Magazine, Earth Logic.
27 March 2020, The Guardian, ‘Put Earth first’: can a greener, fairer fashion industry emerge from crisis?
22 November 2019, WWD Japan, Sustainable Fashion (in Japanese).
4 April 2014, The Guardian, Fashion is seen as frivolous but it’s at the heart of contemporary culture.
4 April 2014, The Guardian, Exploring our relationship with clothes – in pictures.