Slow Fashion Consultancy

Since the early 2000s, I have worked as a consultant with businesses, education establishments, arts organisations and the research community, primarily in the fashion and textile sector.

The services I offer work at the forefront of the ecological agenda; designing ways to foster change towards sustainability.

To discuss a project or learn more about the services I offer, please email me.

Business services

I recognise that sustainability poses both technical and cultural challenges for business. As such I work in both domains and bring a pragmatic, detailed and big picture view to my consultancy practice. I provide a range of services to business, including:

  • Sustainable product design and development
  • Sustainable business strategy design
  • Change management
  • Independent sustainability reviews of business activities
  • Strategic reports and position statements for top management and board level
  • Sustainability education and training

All of the projects I work on are designed specifically to meet a client’s individual needs. My client list includes large multinationals organisations, small to medium size businesses, designer makers and non-profit groups.

Education services

I offer a wide range of services to the educational community which draw upon almost two decades of teaching and learning for sustainability in fashion, textiles and design. I aim to match form with content and use learning and teaching methods that embody sustainability values. Services to educational establishments include:

  • Keynote speeches
  • Lectures
  • Courses
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Facilitation
  • Curriculum development
  • Teaching and learning in fashion for sustainability

I have worked with education of design and fashion professionals as well as with students at primary, secondary and tertiary level and use a range of learning and teaching methods, many of which are participative and interactive. Many of my presentations are to international audiences comprising industrialists, academics, parliamentarians and the general public.

Research services

I recognise that sustainability issues in fashion and textiles are complex and that new insights are emerging all the time. I offer expert research services with experienced academic and industrial researchers on a wide range of projects:

  • Bespoke industrial, governmental and academic research projects investigating sustainability issues in fibres, fabric and fashion
  • Research project management
  • Research assistant roles

I bring an informed, rigorous and independent approach to all our work and have experience of leading and managing research projects and conducting work.

Arts services

Arts organisations are leading inquiry and exploration into sustainability issues in fashion and textiles across the world. I have experience of offering curatorial services and advice for galleries and shows on fashion and sustainability, including:

  • Exhibition curation
  • Exhibition research and advice
  • Writing text panels
  • Writing catalogues
  • Advising on artefacts

What clients say about my consultancy services:

‘Your work on a sustainability concept for my brand was wonderful, fantastic… it nailed all the primary points’ Sydney Brown Shoes, USA & Germany. 

‘Going by the feedback from participants, your session was a real highlight and you had a very inspiring effect on the audience.’ Textiles and Fashion Industries of Australia.

‘I cannot thank you enough for this report. I consider the work that you accomplished, that the progress you made on this will be the main reason as to why this standard will come into actuality for this industry. Before your wisdom came to this, the standard was not at a place to be able to show stakeholders in the industry’ LEAF apparel labelling standard, USA.

‘Thank you for the fantastic work you are providing. I am very happy to be collaborating with you’ Director Garanti Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey