Routledge Handbook of Sustainability and Fashion

Edited by Kate Fletcher and Mathilda Tham. 2015. In English.


Drawing upon more than 30 international scholars in a book that brings together chapters that explore current agendas and set out visions for future ones, The Handbook of Sustainability and Fashion was created through a participatory process which saw contributors take a role in shaping and framing the whole as well as their component part. We started with a workshop three years ago at which almost twenty of us gathered together in London College of Fashion to consider what a reference work in this area should be and say. The outcome, one of Routledge’s prestige International Handbook series, is challenging, multi-layered, revealing, honest, sometimes uncomfortable, and, in places, funny.

Priced as a library text in hardback, a lower priced eBook should soon be available.

List of contributors and contents:

Part I – Framing and expanding fashion and sustainability
Kate Fletcher – Other Fashion Systems
Joanne Entwistle – Sustainability and Fashion
Louise St Pierre – Nature’s systems
John Thackara – A Whole New Cloth: Politics and the Fashion System

Part II – Sustainability and fashion as seen from other places and disciplines
John Ehrenfeld – The Real Challenge of Sustainability
Ann Thorpe – Economic Growth and the Shape of Sustainable Fashion: contextualizing fashion sustainability in terms of consumer-led economic growth
Jonathan Chapman – Prospect, seed and activate – advancing design for sustainability in fashion
Carolyn Strauss – Speed
Amanda Ericsson and Andrew Brooks – African Second-hand Clothes: Mima-te and the Development of Sustainable Fashion
Mirjam Southwell – Fashion And Sustainability In The Context Of Gender
Sue Thomas – Spirituality and Ethics: theopraxy in the future of sustainability within the supply chain
Ingun Klepp and Kirsi Laitala – Consumption studies: the force of the ordinary
Sophie Woodward – Accidentally sustainable?: ethnographic approaches to clothing practices
Joe Smith – The world in a wardrobe: expressing notions of care in the economy and everyday life

Part III – Perspectives on refining fashion from within
Sasha Wallinger – Establishing a History of Sustainability in Fashion
Simonetta Carbonaro and David Goldsmith – Branding Sustainability, Business Models in Search of Clarity
Else Skjold – Towards fashion media for sustainability
Greg Peters, Hjalmar Granber and Susanne Sweet – The role of science and technology for sustainable fashion
Carole Collet – The New Synthetics: Could synthetic biology lead to sustainable textile manufacturing?
Timo Rissanen – The fashion system through a lens of zero-waste fashion design
Liz Parker – Fashion brands and workers’ rights

Part IV – Visions of sustainability from within the fashion space
Lynda Grose – Fashion as material
Dilys Williams – Fashion Design
Lizzie Harrison – Fashion and community
Amy Twigger Holroyd – Openness
Jonnet Middleton – Mending
Otto von Busch – “A suit, of his own earning”: Fashion Supremacy and Sustainable Fashion Activism
Mathilda Tham – The futures of futures studies in fashion


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