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Craft of Use on BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour

Follow the link below to listen here to my interview about the Craft of Use and long lasting garments with Jenni Murray for Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4, broadcast on 21st April 2014. The conversation included Melanie Rickey, one of the founding editors of Grazia Magazine and chair of a recent discussion on fashion and sustainability at the 2014 Women of the World Festival on London’s South Bank.


Photography by Agnes Lloyd Platt for Local Wisdom, 2014.

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Product Life Extension Conference

For two decades fashion and textiles has been ‘borrowing’ design for sustainability ideas developed in product design and transposing them onto garment and clothing systems. Now ideas are flowing the other way. The Product Life Extension two-day conference looks at knowledge transfer around durability and obsolescence between clothing and electronic products. I’m speaking on Day 1 on Clothing, Durability and Design. Download a programme here.

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