The Way of Rebellion: A Zine for Times of Change

Following on from the groundswell of support for a new framework for fashion, we have now taken the conversation off-line and into the physical world with the publication of a Zine: “The Way of Rebellion”. In it we say that it’s time for change. And we call for change that both removes problematic aspects of the current system while also celebrating what is worthwhile in culture, the environment and each other, and building the fashion sector from there.

We have fifty copies of “The Way of Rebellion” to give away for free. Email me your postal address and I’ll organise for one to be posted to you.

Contributors: Kate Fletcher, Anna Fitzpatrick, Rene Cuoco, Timo Rissanen, Laura Sansone, Danai Tsouloufa.

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Having just been loaned a peculiar titled book, Wild Dress, I tonight began to read, and was happily surprised (to say the least). My friend Sarah said ‘this book is very interesting, take it and send it back when you’re done’. I did so. Sarah writes a blog called A Field Guide to Needlework and is a tapestry weaver and maker of string and garments and many innovative things textile. I’ve been influenced by her ideas, her understanding of how to dress her body in clothes she (re)makes. Myself, I buy and am given others’ old natural fiber clothing and when things are too worn to be mended anymore I pulp and make paper with linen, cotton, and hemp. I use only all cellulose cloth, I remove the sewing threads which are mostly synthetic. I’m not much interested in fashion or sewing my own clothes now, but I often dye and stitch this cloth. I make a good deal of paper and make artists’ books. I also teach papermaking, often within the sustainability program at the University where I adjunct. If there are any available copies of either Zine, I would appreciate seeing a copy. I will share it within our program, also with Sarah, as I owe her.
Velma Bolyard