TED talk now online

My recent TED talk, recorded at the TEDx event in Macclesfield in April this year, is now online. Look out for hands behind back (I had been told to stop using the clicker like a baton) and the wayward fringe. In Usership: Fashion Beyond Consumerism I give a whistlestop tour of some of the key ideas involved in the Craft of Use and the start of a new set of experiences of fashion not only shaped by shopping for new pieces.

It was recorded alongside seven other talks linked in some way to the town of Macc in the North of England. The were many threads of connection between them – I saw them joined by a shared practice of fostering change including through: localism, nature connection, holding corporate giants to account, better communication, citizen science and greater collective care of those with mental health issues. I encourage you to browse the full Macclesfield menu. They are wonderful.